Cleats Manufacturing now fabricates flat oval duct and fittings as a part of our complete line of HVAC products.  Flat oval duct is fabricated by stretching spiral pipe and therefore utilizes the same rigid interlocking seam to increase the structural strength of the duct while minimizing leakage.  This product has been designed for restricted space conditions where spiral duct cannot be used.  Flat oval duct can be connected using flanges, slip connections, and angle iron rings.  Flat oval is also available in double wall construction.  Standard length of flat oval duct is 10’ but can be fabricated in lengths as short as 1’.  Refer to charts below for sizing and available materials. 

Material Thickness Coating
Galvanized 26 - 18 ga G-90
Paint Grip 26 - 18 ga A-60
PVC 24 - 18 ga 4x4 - 4x1
Aluminum .032 - .050 3003 H-14
Stainless Steel 24 - 20 ga 304 - 316