Spiral is constructed with a rigid interlocking seam that increases the structural strength of the duct while minimizing leakage. The smooth inside wall of the duct minimizes friction loss while the lock seams on the exterior wall provides a clean look when the duct is exposed. This results in increased energy efficiency while creating an aesthetically pleasing look.

We stock 10' lengths of pipe, from 4" thru 60", along with many types of fittings to minimize lead times. Spiral can me made in any length you need. Whether you need 1'or 30' sections, the only limitations are trucking and jobsite conditions. Spiral pipe and fittings are available in several different materials and gauges as follows:

Material Thickness Coating
Galvanized 26 - 18 ga G-90
Paint Grip 26 - 18 ga A-60
PVC 24 - 18 ga 4x4 - 4x1
Aluminum .032 - .050 3003 H-14
Stainless Steel 24 - 20 ga 304 - 316
Diameter Pipe Fittings
4" - 14" 26 ga 24 ga
16" - 26" 24 ga 22 ga
28" - 36" 22 ga 20 ga
38" - 48" 20 ga 18 ga welded
49" & up 18 ga 18 ga welded

Spiral fittings are fabricated using industry leading Spiral-Helix machinery. All elbows, reducers, coupings, and end caps have continuous stitchwelded long seams with gorelocked short seams. In addition to the fittings we fabricate in-house, we also carry a wide variety of stamped fittings. We also stock many different connectors for spiral pipe and fittings. Couplings, flanged connectors, clamp connectors, and companion angle rings are also available. Being a true one stop shop, we stock all the hardware you will need to complete your project. Whether you need sealant, hangers, or damper hardware, it is all in stock ready for same-day pick up or delivery.

In addition to single wall and double wall spiral pipe, we also offer internally insulated spiral pipe to improve thermal and acoustical performance at a cost that is significantly less than double wall spiral duct.

Check out our CleatSeal gasketed fittings to learn more about minimizing leakage and labor costs while maximizing efficiency in a sprial duct system!