Gasketed spiral fittings have a factory installed EPDM rubber gasket with an operating temperature rating of -22º to 212º F.  The gasket is constructed of black EPDM rubber with a double legged profile. It is attached to the fitting with a 180º hemmed edge to hold the gasket in place while increasing the ridgidity of the fitting. The hemmed edge also eliminates the sharp edge of a standard fitting. This system creates a tight seal that has been tested and meets the requirements of SMACNA leakage class 3.

Using gasketed fittings will save time and money by eliminating the need to seal transverse connections of the spiral pipe system. In addition to the cost savings, our gasketed fittings will also help create a clean, aesthetically pleasing look to exposed duct.

Gasketed fittings are available in the same materials and gauges as standard spiral fittings. Sizes range from 4" thru 36". All products will be fabricated per SMACNA standards (+10" w.g.) and gauges.